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Mary Maxey

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  • Birthday at Brennan's

    GIVE HER A HAND AND A HAT Phyllis Hand donned an official Brennan’s chef hat and indulged in the delicious signature pralines for her birthday celebration. Pictured, from left: Nicholson Glen, Chris Nodd, Mary Maxey, Phyllis Hand, Pat Sullivan, Ray Hand, Lisa Bachman-Hand, Pat Hensley.

    From: Rumor Has It - August 2022
  • Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary

    PRESIDENTS At a lunch for the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary are presidents past and present: (from left, front row) Stick Delaup, Deborah Dunkum, Gina Saour, Lucy Lewis, Rhonda Jones, (back row) Gayle Eury, Nancy Willerson, Major Melody Davis, Vicki West, Lilly Andress, Carole Sharpe, Mary Maxey, Judy McGee and Dorothy Nicholson. Not pictured: Ann Bookout and Brenda Devore.

    From: The past and future
  • Patti Owens, Mary Maxey

    The birthday Route to 66 led to Mary Maxey’s home where she and Patti Owens hosted a happy hour for their mutual March birthdays. (From left) Patti and Mary celebrating together. 

    From: Cheese Whiz
  • cantina

    Mary Maxey and Charlotte Marchesseau enjoying Happy Hour at Mary's "cantina." Charlotte's earrings are in the same spirit as the sign.

    From: Porch philosophers
  • Tea

    The Salvation Army women brew up some fun to welcome new members at the Fall Tea. From left are Vicki West, Mary Maxey, Betty Hrncir and Lucy Lewis, Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary president. (Photo:

    From: Pass the tea