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Charles Reed

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  • Charles Reed, Mary Reed Lankford

    MOTHER-SON ADVENTURES The Taj Mahal was a sight but became a math lesson in class. Pictured are (on right) mom Mary Reed Lankford and (on left) Charles Reed.

    From: Surpassed her expectations
  • Students and teachers from Memorial

    ROME-ING Students and teachers from Memorial explore the Roman Colosseum. In front: Cinco Sturges. Front row, from left: Jett Gealy, Alexander Lincoln, Elizabeth Dunn, Peyton Mitchell, Maclane Masraff, Grace Wilson, Lala Garofalo. Second row, from left: teacher Mary Reed, Lindy Haas, PK Raines. Top row, from left: teacher Charles Reed, Chase Scarborough, Gabby Garofalo, Kate Weinstein, Lissy Sturges, Maddie Luther, Alexandra Pappas, Madeline Dukes, Hannah Schweitzer, Morgan Matheny, Emma Buesinger, Claire Christman.

    From: Famous students

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