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Stefani Twyford

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  • Stefani Twyford and Lori Farris

    Stefani Twyford and Lori Farris

    From: Community read
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel party

    Fans of the show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel gathered for a second-season viewing party at Arlene Lassin’s home, co-hosted by Stefani Twyford. Pictured are (from left) Susan Farb Morris, Tricia Rauch, Barbara Ettinger, Syndy Gold, Francine Beckman, Arlene Lassin, Stefani Twyford, Midge Wische and Barbara Lindenberg.

    From: Marvelous Maisel fans
  • Old country, new name

    Museum director in Fintice, Slovakia, (formerly Hungary) Gabriel Trusa, with Stefani and Loren Twyford shows them books and photos belonging to Stefani’s family.

    From: Old country, new name
  • Valentine's high tea

    A Valentine High Tea was hosted at Arlene Lassin's but given by Linda Suib was happier by the dozen. (Pictured, from left) Dr. Ruth Katz, Iris Downing, Stefani Twyford, Amy Grenader, Charlotte Goldberg, Arlene Lassin,  Sandi Seltzer-Bryant, Hedy Wolpa, Sharon Brier and (seated) Linda Suib.

    From: Heartful of friends