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Anne Richardson

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  • Rolling Stones concert

    Rolling Stones concert

    From: Let the good times roll
  • Laura Kent's birthday

    Laura Kent's 60th shared with friends and neighbors and chopsticks in hand.

    From: Neighbors and friends
  • Anne Richardson, Chris Richardson, Luke Fuqua, Graham Fuqua, Clay Fuqua

    Longtime volunteers Anne and Chris Richardson enjoy going to the rodeo with grandsons Luke (standing, at left), Clay (seated) and Graham. Luke and Graham, who call their grandparents Big Daddy and Gigi, wear Wrangler jeans, suede chaps and pearl-snap shirts. Clay wears Wranglers and a Rodeo Houston-logo shirt. (Photo:

    From: Rodeo Chic
  • Anne Richardson, Leslie Denby, Christan Fuqua

    Longtime rodeo volunteer Anne Richardson (middle) wears a Saddle Ridge Vintage Collection dress. Daughter Leslie Denby (at right) wears a vintage Anne jacket, leather pants and Stallion boots, and daughter Christan Fuqua (at left) wears a suede skirt by Scully, a sheer top by Etcetera, and custom alligator boots by James Morado. (Photo:

    From: Rodeo Chic
  • Anne Richardson, Chris Richardson

    Anne Richardson, Trailblazer Pearl Award winner, wears a Kippy appliqué jacket, porcupine-quill hatband and Lucchese lizard boots. Chris Richardson of the Executive Committee wears a Pinto Ranch jacket, 200X American Hat from The Hat Store and M.L. Leddy’s custom alligator boots. (Photo:

    From: Rodeo Chic

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