2023 Pet of the Year Contest

Harry Faulkner

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  • Harry and Tracy Faulkner

    Harry and Tracy Faulkner yap it up at Cindi Rose's birthday pet party that benefited CAPS. 

    From: Playful party
  • Harry Faulkner, Tracey Faulkner and Corbett Parker

    Harry Faulkner, Tracey Faulkner and Corbett Parker. (Photo: Dylan Aguilar) 

    From: Casino Night for a Cause
  • Adele Pieper, Ber Pieper, Fran Fawcett Peterson, Jane Cizik, Tracy Faulkner, Harry Faulkner, Kay Joyce, René Joyce

    Some glam honorees and organizers capture the moment at a VIP underwriter reception for The Women's Home. Bottom left: Adele and Ber Pieper. Middle: Fran Fawcett Peterson and Jane Cizik. Top: Tracy and Harry Faulkner. Bottom right: Kay and Rene' Joyce. (Photo: Quy Tran Photography)

    From: 1970s disco diva party

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