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Name That Tune: Dalya Mawlawi

Jenna Mazzoccoli
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Dalya Mawlawi

Dalya Mawlawi, a vocalist and self-taught guitartist, takes on this week's Name That Tune.

This week’s Name That Tune is brought to you by Dalya Mawlawi, a senior at The Awty International School. Read on for excerpts from our interview with her, and watch her video to see if you can Name That Tune.

Instrument: Guitar and Voice
Profession: Senior at The Awty International School

How did you get into singing?
I have an older sister and when we were little, we would put on little performances for my mom. We would sing and dance, especially around the holidays and when relatives were in town. I’ve always been really into singing. So in middle school, I started choir, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.

Is you mom a musician as well?
She is a really big influence to us. There has always been music in the household. She is not a musician, but a music-lover. She loves jazz and rock and roll. So she’s shown me a wide variety of music!

What kind of choral music do you enjoy the most?
I definitely think I enjoy the more modern pieces. Throughout the year, we focus on classical pieces to teach us technique. But at the end of the year, we put on a pop show. That’s always really fun!

Do you ever do a solo performance at the pop show?
I did last year for the first time. I sang "bellyache" by Billie Eilish. Awty has recently started doing these open mics at lunch. It’s like once a month or so. It’s a student led performance – way more casual. And I’ve done solos for that too!

What was it like performing a solo for the first time?
There were definitely some nerves. I used to have way worse stage fright when I was younger. I feel like that’s pretty common. I’m also in a club through Awty called Power of Music, where we go to perform in nursing homes. That opportunity really helped with my stage fright. And when the pop show came along, I was a lot more comfortable.

What are some musicians and bands you listen to?
I’m really into indie rock or alternative rock. I also really like the Eagles. They were my top artist for my Spotify Wrapped. I am also very into The Kooks. And this is out of genre, but I’m really into Frank Ocean.

What other interests do you have?
I really like writing. It think it’s something I’ll always love. I’ve actually interned at Houstonia under the lifestyle editor. So I wrote little blog pieces about shops or restaurants. I was initially introduced to that internship opportunity my freshman year when you have to do an internship for school. It was actually really helpful because I had a family connection with the editor. I went back last summer and did a more formal internship for a month. 

Is writing what you want to pursue in college?
I don’t know. I really enjoy writing. I think it will always be something I do on the side. I don’t think it will be a career pursuit.

What do you plan on pursuing in college?
I am still waiting to hear back from some schools. But I’ll figure it out soon. My overall dream school would be USC. I would love to study business and entertainment. I am pulled to LA because of the beaches, and the school is a top ranked university. I would love to get into art management or something like that. I’ve never been someone who has a super clear idea for the future, but I love the arts and I think business is a pretty secure degree to have.

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