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Name That Tune: Julia Yanosik

Ava Yu
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Julia Yanosik

Julia Yanosik, a junior at the Emery/Weiner School, is a talented musician and actress. 

This week’s Name That Tune features Julia Yanosik, a junior at the Emery/Weiner School. She’s been very involved in the musical theatre department, but also sings a lot outside of theatre. Ava Yu, a sophomore at Phillips Exeter Academy who interned with The Buzz this summer, interviews Julia in the below Q & A. See Julia's video clip here and see if you can name that tune!  

Age: 16
Profession: Junior at EWS
Instruments: Voice, Piano

How long have you been singing for?
I’ve always been a singer; even when I was little, I listened to lots of music and I kind of picked up on different nuances of the different artists that I listened to. So I’ve never actually had formal lessons, I just used to listen and kind of mimic what I heard. But I’d say the first time I started actually performing was around seventh grade, so around 13.

That’s so cool! I heard you’re also involved in the theatre program at Emery; could you tell me a little bit about that?
So when I came to Emery, I was not thinking, oh, I’m gonna join theatre, I was like eh, I’ll try it out. But I was pleasantly surprised, because it was not something that was on my radar. And then my first show… I was an ensemble member in Mary Poppins, and I made so many friends and I really enjoyed myself, so then I was like, this is it, this is my passion and now I’ve done some more shows, and I really enjoy it. 

That’s awesome! Could you name some of the shows you’ve been in?
We did a senior-directed production, which is basically where a senior directed a short play, I was in Mary Poppins, we did a high school musical called Head Over Heels this past semester, and before quarantine we started Cinderella, and I was actually casted as Cinderella, but then we ended up postponing it [due to Covid-19].

Do you do any singing outside of musical theatre?
I actually do more singing outside of theatre, probably, because it’s how I release stress; like I’ll get home from a really stressful day at school and I’ll just sit down at the piano and I’ll just sing whatever. So I do a mixture of both. I do a lot of musical theatre, but I also do a lot of pop music and a little bit of different genres here and there. 

Do you think you’ll be continuing singing or musical theatre in college or your career?
I really hope so, yeah! I don’t necessarily see myself just being a musician - I mean, I can see myself doing something in that field, like being maybe a music teacher or a director of some sortbecause that would mix different things I like doing. I love music so I definitely want it to be a part of my life after school. And as far as college goes I would love to study music.

See Julia's reveal video here.

Editor's note: Ava Yu participated in Name That Tune over the summer as well. See her initial clip here and the reveal clip here

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