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Bookish Podcasts: A Fun Way to Find a Good Book to Read

Cindy Burnett
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Thoughts from a Page Podcast

Cindy Burnett hosts the Thoughts from a Page Podcast in which she interviews authors. 

The sheer number of ways we can receive information these days is overwhelming. Last year during the pandemic, I started listening to podcasts occasionally (particularly book ones) and found that they were a fabulous way to learn about new books and also to hear more about books that I have already read and the authors who penned those books. It has become one of my favorite ways to find new books and to determine whether I want to read a book or not. 

With extra time on my hands last year, I decided I would launch my own book podcast, the Thoughts from a Page Podcast. I interview authors through the literary salon I co-founded with Krista Hensel so I chose that format for the podcast. Interviewing authors is one of my favorite things to do – learning more about how a book came about, what inspired the author, how the title and cover were chosen and so much more. 

I am celebrating my year anniversary for the podcast this week (!!); and as with any new project, I have learned so much. The positives overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives, but occasionally I have to remind myself about that. When I started out, I chose to publish two episodes a week and hoped that I would be able to fill those slots with authors wanting to be interviewed. Much to my surprise, I could fill slots every day if I had the time, energy, and ability to read that many books and then produce an episode on each one. It is a fabulous problem to have, but I am still working to find the right balance.

Book podcast

Need to find a way to pass the time while working out or washing dishes? Check out a book podcast. 

Another highlight is that I have “met” so many wonderful authors and read a variety of books that would not have been on my radar screen if not for the podcast. I enjoy the relationships I have made with publishers this past year and with the fabulous listeners who tune in to hear my show.

The one downside is the incredible amount of time it takes to get an episode out into the world from the editing to the process of getting the episode ready to post to creating the transcript to the marketing and so much more. I am still working to find ways to streamline those things.

In addition to hosting my own show, I have ramped up my own podcast listening – I tune in while I work out, grocery shop, walk, do the dishes and laundry, and run errands. Over the past year, I have discovered some bookish podcasts that really appeal to me. They are listed alphabetically below by podcast title. Make sure to check them all out!

Let’s Talk Books Etc. – This new podcast is hosted by two bookstagrammers, Renee and Tina, who love to chat about books. They have a great rapport with each other and discuss some their ecommendations by theme. This week’s episode is about audiobooks. 

Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books – Host and book guru Zibby Owens interviews authors about their books, and her podcast is one of my favorites. She reads a lot of nonfiction (as well as some fiction) and produces episodes almost daily. She also hosts two other podcasts.

The Shit No One Tells You about Writing – This delightful podcast is hosted by author Bianca Marais and is geared toward authors and aspiring authors, but I still really enjoy listening to it even though I am not an author. In 2021, Carly Watters and Cecilia Lyra from P.S. Literary Agency became co-hosts, and the episodes are now split between an author interview and a "Book with Hooks" segment where Carly and Cecilia talk about book pitches.

The Stacks – Traci Thomas hosts The Stacks, and she talks books with guests, runs a book club, and chats about books to be read and those that should be passed over. I like tuning into her show.

I enjoy listening to each of these podcasts when I have time and hope you will check them out. Each one provides a unique and interesting perspective on books and the publishing industry.

Editor's note: For more on what to listen to this summer, including podcasts and audiobooks, see this month's Back Porch by Andria Frankfort.

For more book recommendations and bookish thoughts, see Cindy’s monthly Buzz Reads column, her Thoughts from a Page Podcast or follow @ThoughtsFromaPage on Instagram. Find upcoming Conversations from a Page events here.

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