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Krista Hensel

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  • Elise Hooper, Jennifer Robson, Cindy Burnett, Krista Hensel,

    Elise Hooper and Jennifer Robson (pictured, in front) were featured at a Conversations from a Page Literary Salon hosted by Cindy Burnett (back, on right) and Krista Hensel (back, on left). The authors spoke about their historical fiction novels. 

    From: Looking Back on a Very Bookish 2019
  • Cindy Burnett and Krista Hensel

    Friends Cindy Burnett and Krista Hensel run Conversations from a Page, where they introduce readers to authors. (Photo:

    From: Conversations from a Page
  • Cindy Burnett, Krista Hensel, Mary Kay Andrews

    Cindy Burnett (left) and Krista Hensel (right) hosted Mary Kay Andrews at a coffee where the author shared insight about her writing inspiration and process. 

    From: A Next-Level Book Club