2021 Pet of the Year Contest

Amy Curtis

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Photos appearing in

  • Mamma Mia

    Pictured (in front) Amy Curtis and (in back, from left) Ryann Jordan, Andrew Archer, Aliya Robertson, Joshua Swasey. (Photo: Justin Lacey)

    From: Showcasing Fine Arts at Westbury Christian
  • Catherine Smith, Amy Curtis, Justin Curtis

    (From left) Catherine Smith, Amy Curtis and Justin Curtis clean tack. (Photo: Karen Keese)

    From: The Interact Club Visits Morning Glory Ranch
  • Cast and crew of Oliver selfie

    With the help of a selfie stick, the cast and crew of "Oliver" poses for a cast selfie after the final performance. Pictured: Alyssa Sanders, Kain Lopez, Quincy Cormier, Josh Power, Jessica Boyer, Xzavier Mouton, Tré Mcleod, Gavin Russell, Madison Belcher, Lyric Edwards, Caprice Haddad, Caleb Cavenaugh, Mallory Davis, Arye Bhide, Lillian Gattis, Amy Curtis, Annie Brown, Olivia Swasey, Madison White, Joshua Swasey, Addie Symonds, Emily Goldstein, and Drew White. (Photo: Olivia Swasey)

    From: ‘Oliver’ at Westbury Christian School
  • Madison White, Addie Symonds, Amy Curtis

    Madison White, Addie Symonds and Amy Curtis pose after a great opening night performance. 

    From: ‘Oliver’ at Westbury Christian School
  • The cast of Catch Me If You Can.

    The cast, from left: Annie Brown, Rachel Davis, Madison Belcher, Taylor Courtney, Mallory Davis, Alyssa Sanders, Katherine Harper, Tre Mcleod, Drew Mcleod, Xavier Mouton, Kane Lopez, Evan Ledet, Ibe Montanya, Addie Symonds, Ariana Nelson, Olivia Swayse, Ruby Ramirez, Erin Mcleod, Mary Matic, Amy Curtis, Madison White, Caleb Cavanaugh, Chancellor Dickson.

    From: Catch Me If You Can