2023 Pet of the Year Contest

Claire Loeschman

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Photos appearing in

  • Character costumes

    The gentlemen and their escorts compete in wearing character costumes. Pictured are (from left) Parker Sizemore, Collin Lore, Safiullah Faheem, Michelle Ramirez, Alex Betts, Dana Gadalla, Harold Weiser, Saige Broadwell, Hunter Loughhead, Claire Loeschman, Richard Falloure, Shelby Gladstein, Jordan Morris, Cameron Cooney, Ambrose Haskin and Rayne McKenzie.

    From: Mr. Bellaire 2019
  • Beach themed dance

    The contestants performed a beach-themed dance. Pictured are (from left) Claire Loeschman, Hunter Loughhead, Parker Sizemore, Collin Lore, Hannah Fradkin, Alex Betts, Shelby Gladstein and Richard Falloure. 

    From: Mr. Bellaire 2019
  • Senior cheerleaders

    Pictured (from left) are Sarah Katzen, Cameron Cooney, Lily Podzemny, Hannah Fradkin, Valentina Page and (on top of the car) Claire Loeschman and Parker Sizemore.  

    From: Coffee and Cheer for the New School Year