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Emaan Yousuf

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  • Sophia Garibaldi, Ileana Valenciano, Grace Jackson, Emaan Yousuf

    Sophia Garibaldi, Ileana Valenciano, Grace Jackson, and Emaan Yousuf

    From: Books and conversation
  • Yousuf family

    The Yousuf family – dad Abid, mom Maria and kids Ali, Humza and Emaan – at an Iftar dinner in 2019. This year, the family is spending more time cooking with one another as a family. 

    From: A New Kind of Ramadan Experience
  • Aman Narayan, Emaan Yousuf, Deven Narayan, Humza Yousuf, Ali Yousuf, Milan Narayan

    The Narayan and Yousuf children enjoying sharing their different religious and cultural celebrations. Pictured clockwise from top are Aman Narayan (15) holding Emaan Yousuf (3 months), Deven Narayan (12), Humza Yousuf (2 ½ years), Ali Yousuf  (6) and Milan Narayan (6). (Photo:

    From: Sharing the Faith