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Everley Austin

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  • Fletcher Austin, Everley Austin

    NEW TO THE CREW Big sister Everley Austin holds baby brother Fletcher. She and his other big sister, Lucia, met him for the first time when he came home from the hospital.

    From: Coming home to siblings
  • Lucia Austin, Everley Austin

    NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Sisters Lucia, 2, and Everley Austin, 5, get to go out to eat with their parents Liz and Jeremy at Napoli.

    From: Eating out
  • Everley Austin, Lucia Austin

    DINING ADVENTURES Lucia Austin is not quite ready to leave her favorite booth at Molina’s.

    From: Eating out
  • Everley Austin

    NAPTIME TACTICS Everley Austin, 3, gets to “read” in her crib before naptime. Mom Liz Austin started the reading-time tactic when she had trouble getting her to wind down.

    From: Notes for a nice naptime

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