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Jennifer Bhardwaj

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  • Wine and Girl Scout Cookies

    The moms of Condit Elementary Daisy Troop 147101 had a special Mother’s Day celebration, hosted by Sirynda Sheng, that combined two favorites: wine and Girl Scout cookies. Pictured: Lindsey Hudlow, Morgan Bryan, Jennifer Bhardwaj, Rebecca Gold, Amy Cao, Sonal Doucet (top row, from left); Christine Thomas, Caroline Funk, Monica Gri, Stephani Raffle, Allison Welch, Heather Perry, Sirynda Sheng, and Stephanie Yudovich. 

    From: Wine and Girl Scout cookies
  • Dan Lillig, Lisa Gilbreth, Marie-Claude Monier-Faugere, Lucie Loretz, Aude Faugere, Jay LeJeune, Traci Marable, Jennifer Bhardwaj, Greg Urbach, Tabeen Urbach, Erika Roberts, Meridith Flynn, Megan Scharpf

    Party on Chestnut Street

    From: Party on Chestnut Street

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