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Kate Lykes

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  • Jim and Kate Lykes, Rick Smith, and Rusty Hardin

    Jim and Kate Lykes, Rick Smith, and Rusty Hardin (Photo: Michael McKenny)

    From: Preserving Texas history
  • Payton and Kate Lykes

    SPEAKING UP Payton and Kate Lykes share their family's story to encourage other families living with mental health issues. (Photo: lawellphoto.com)

    From: A Family Together
  • Jim Lykes, Vicky Lykes, Payton Lykes, Kate Lykes, Fellman Seinsheimer

    FAMILY Jim Lykes, his mother Vicky, daughter Payton, wife Kate and Kate's father, Fellman Seinsheimer, gather at the Menninger Clinic's 2019 Annual Signature Luncheon, chaired by Kate and Jim. The luncheon raised $390,000 to support mental health care and programs.

    From: A Family Together

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