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Mollie McInnes

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  • Deborah McInnes, John McInnes, Mollie McInnes, Annie Cate McInnes, Forrest McInnes, Banks McInnes

    The McInnes family takes Halloween seriously. Deborah and John dress up with their kids, (front, from left) Annie Cate, Mollie, (back row, from left) Forrest and Banks.

    From: First Halloween
  • Deborah McInnes, John McInnes, Mollie McInnes, Annie Cate McInnes

    When daughter Annie Cate was born the day before Halloween in 2013, the family dressed up in the hospital and trick-or-treated with then-toddler Mollie at the nurses’ station. 

    From: First Halloween
  • Mollie McInnes

    Mollie McInnes, 21⁄2, enjoys a Christmastime tradition, a slumber party with her cousins. They make gingerbread houses, sing karaoke and have talent shows. (Photo: www.stpimages.com)

    From: Keeping Traditions

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