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Penelope Gustafson

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Photos appearing in

  • Bennett Bowman, Penelope Gustafson, Ivy Frankel

    (From left) Bennett Bowman with friends Penelope Gustafson and Ivy Frankel. 

    From: Mommy Moments: There’s a New Troop in Town
  • Brownies

    Pictured (from left) are third graders Molly Dinerstein, Chloe Bailard, Maddy Billipp, Lilly Lucas, Chloe Childress, Libby Liuzzi, Isabel Huddle, (middle row, from left) Kelly Kronfeld (instructor), Katie Reese McCartney, Anna Consoli, Elizabeth Ajumobi, Caroline Nelson, (back row, from left) Joanie Crosswell, Mary Papandreou, Allison Whitman, Ava Johnson, Carolyn Colter, Caroline Pielop, Ivy Frankel, Emmy Heath, Daphne Murray, Haylie George, Gayle Robertson, Penelope Gustafson, Annie Villa, Poppy Chapoton and Ginny Filippone. Also there were Bennett Bowman, Natalie Harvin, Kate Hyman and Caroline Raynes.

    From: Mommy Moments: There’s a New Troop in Town