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Shelby Koehn

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  • Houstonians hit the slopes

    Duncan and Caroline Cannon, Kylie Koehn, Lindsay Tennant, Shelby Koehn, Grace Dholakia, Addison Berger, Sophie Donalson, Isabella Sorenson, and Kate Dholakia are ready to hit “the slopes” which in Houston means anything with a bit of an incline!

    From: Snow in Houston: Bundling Up and Staying Home
  • Girl Scout Troop 147063

    Girl Scout Troop 147063, all second graders from Condit Elementary, used their cookie-sales money to purchase a Keurig and coffee for the Bellaire Police Department. Troop members (pictured with Bellaire police officers) include (back row, from left) Samantha Lavine, Malia Matthews, Noa Karakowsky, Shayna Hassid, Marin Rose, Vy Avery Ngo, Lauren Lee, Evalina Rezzy; (front row, from left) Ella Sederis, Avery Marx, Naella Tang, Shelby Koehn and Layla Rabe.

    From: Spreading love and coffee