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Cooking with Karina: Three, Three-Ingredient Meals

Karina Arnold
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Avocado Baked Egg

Karina Arnold garnished this Avocado Baked Egg with Tajín Seasoning and pepper and made a side of steamed veggies topped with pineapple salsa. 

Karina Arnold is a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma who’s passionate about healthy cooking. She provides creative, healthy recipes and tips on clean eating.

A day off from work or school means relaxing by the pool, binge watching Netflix and checking things off your list, right? Wrong, because something always seems to come up: Fido pees on the carpet, a car tire pops, Mom needs help mowing the lawn, etc. Time, money and energy can slip away along with your sanity.

Banana Pancakes

Karina Arnold added a scoop of chocolate protein powder to the Banana Pancakes batter and topped the pancakes with maple syrup and berries. (Photo: Karina Arnold)

Inevitably, you find yourself staring into your practically empty refrigerator, disappointed that the foods you re-pin on Pinterest don’t automatically end up on your counter. When this happens to me, I resort to these three, three-ingredient meals with ingredients I’m likely to already have in the house.  

For days that test your multitasking skills, try this manageable Avocado Baked Egg dish.

Hummus and Cucumber Sandwich

Karina Arnold likes to use Ezekiel bread and Central Market hummus for her Hummus and Cucumber sandwich. When adding meat, she likes to stick to grass-fed turkey slices. (Photo: Karina Arnold)

This breakfast may resemble a fancy brunch special at a local cafe, yet it only requires 15 minutes in the oven and three ingredients. Another recipe that is a piece-of-cake is Banana Pancakes! Top these yummy pancakes with honey, maple syrup, cocoa nibs, fruit or get creative with your favorite toppings. Slather peanut butter and jelly on each half and roll it up for a breakfast on-the-go. For a quick to-go lunch, I resort to my personal favorite, a Hummus and Cucumber Sandwich. This sandwich is filling and easy to make and carry.

These easy, yet healthy, meals will help simplify your craziest days. What are your favorite ingredient trios? Comment below! 

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