2023 Pet of the Year Contest

Cate Schmidt

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Photos appearing in

  • Brownie Troop #125096

    Brownie Troop #125096 at their troop “sleep under” party. (Top row, from left): Zoe Ostrosky, Laine Wise, Cate Schmidt, Mayes Beeler, Olivia Kim, the Texas Children's Hospital representative, Isabel Werlin, Harper Brown, Ayala Presley, Millie Frankel, Olivia Hamilton, Katherine Hull, Whitney Sturm, Lucy Dannenbaum, Ellie Ott; (middle row, from left): Cameron Dillon, Caroline Letzerich, Eliya Gibson, Jasmine Nguyen, Mary Elizabeth Villa, Taylor Edwards, Tabitha Orange, Elizabeth Marshall, Gretchen Merman; (bottom row, from left): Kayla Edwards, Lindsey Morgan, Nancy Claire Fertitta, Mia Adham. (Troop members who are not pictured): Virginia Kasselakis, Paige Smart, Grace Essalih, Sara Ghauri, Unaissah Saeed and Finley Ryman.

    From: A Sweet Sale: Brownie Troop Fundraises for Food Allergy Research