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Didi Zhou

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Photos appearing in

  • Awty's One Sky Club

    Pictured are members of Awty's One Sky Club. (Top row, from left) Om Satapathy, Samantha Francis, Katina Proestakis, Colette Chen, Katia Petrosky, Henderson Chandler, Holden Stus, Clara Helwaser, Maurits Deman, Renee Neufer, Mihir Kumashi; (Bottom row, from left) Didi Zhou, Alejandro Ayala, Sophia Peralta, Rocio Gras, McKenna Balliet, Dalal Daher. 

    From: The Sky is the Limit for the One Sky Club at Awty
  • Power of Music club

    FOUND AN AUDIENCE Vivian Wu, a junior at The Awty International School, created a club for student musicians to play at senior homes and hospitals. Pictured at Texas Children’s Hospital are (standing, from left) Marcella Stones, Renee Neufer, Karen Martinez, Vivian, Meera Vashisht, Didi Zhou, Rick Huang, Jean-Luc Shimizu, (sitting, from left) Nicole Dunkel and Sarah Laskin.

    From: The power of music