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Donovan Meade

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Photos appearing in

  • 2014 Tents in Town

    Ben Dauber, Ethan Kayl, Thomas Fuller, and Donovan Meade are all smiles at the 2014 Tents in Town.

    From: Urban Campouts for a Cause: Bellaire and West U’s Beloved Traditions
  • Meade family

    Rania, Caroline, David and Donovan Meade enjoying a family vacation at Luray Caverns in Virginia the summer of 2016. 

    From: Reaching Goals: CP Soccer
  • BHS Homecoming

    Bellaire High School students, including (pictured, from left) Noor Jahlul, Leah Harvell, Tejomay Carmichael, Scout Sustala, Mckay Silva, Laura Althaus, Evan Byrd, Katie Faour, Donovan Meade and Lauren Zieske, enjoyed the homecoming game and dance.

    From: Cardinals’ spirit
  • Class of 2020

    Lifelong friends from the Class of 2020 having a ball on the new playground blacktop included Thomas Fuller (St. Thomas), Donovan Meade (Bellaire), Ayush Krishnamoorti (Kinkaid), Michael Bell (Kinkaid), Cameron Moore (Strake Jesuit), Megan Frankel (Kinkaid), Abigail Shelby (St. Agnes), Tobias Hill (Lamar), Cara Kennedy (Episcopal), Lauren Ohler (Bellaire), Lauren McCauliffe (Bellaire), Ben Kugler (Bellaire) and Ming Perlman (Bellaire).

    From: From Kindergarten to Cars: Condit Cat Reunion