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Lisa Helfman

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Photos appearing in

  • Wanderlust 2017

    WANDERLUST 2017 If they weren't close friends before they went to the yoga retreat, they are now after bonding with crazy energy there. Bottom row, from left: Maggie Denson, Laura Rathe, Misha Laird, Sherry Tajvan and Beth McKim. Middle row, from left: Lori Milchovich, Laura McAughan, Mary Schneidau, Lisa Helfman and Rachel Tennenbaum. Last row, from left: Lili Rubin, Christi Harvey, Kim Albright, Leslie Goldman and Megan Cash.

    From: Wanderlust
  • 27th Annual Children’s Scholarship Ball

    27th Annual Children’s Scholarship Ball (Photo: Mark Katz Photography)

    From: For children's scholarships
  • Lisa Helfman

    Lisa Helfman sits amidst 550 bags full of fresh Brighter Bites produce ready for students and teachers to take home.

    From: Neighbors changing the world