2020 Pet of the Year Contest

Loren Goddard

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  • Rice students

    Rice students (pictured, from left, pre-pandemic) Loren Goddard, Savannah Kuchar and Sarah Mozden look forward to returning to campus and meeting the newest freshman class.

    From: What We Wish We Had Known Before College
  • Virtual game night

    A group of friends, all Rice students (pictured, counterclockwise) Lidia Ochoa, Savannah Kuchar, Josh Bae, Zachary Taqi, Loren Goddard, Patrick Yee, Stephen Chamness and Natalie Goddard laugh at their questionable artistic skills while playing Skribbl.io.

    From: Virtual Game Nights: Gather Your Competitive Crew
  • Coffee chat over Zoom

    Even though they're all spread across the country for now, this group of friends from Rice University still finds time to enjoy their two favorite things - coffee and each other's company. Pictured are (from top left to bottom right) Grace Weng with a hot latte, Savannah Kuchar with a caramel cappuccino, twins Loren and Natalie Goddard with hot mocha lattes, Yvette Martinez with a cold brew and Emmy Chavez with a homemade hot café de olla.

    From: Coffee Shop Vibes: Bringing the Brew to Your Home
  • Loren Goddard

    Rice senior Loren Goddard has her coffee ready for her day of working from home. (Photo: Natalie Goddard)

    From: Coffee Shop Vibes: Bringing the Brew to Your Home