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Maggie Garza

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  • Marshal Garza, Maggie Garza,

    Marshal Garza show off his scissors and his handiwork after cutting off five inches of his mom's hair.

    From: A Good Hair Day: Fourth Graders to the Rescue
  • Maggie Garza

    Maggie Garza is having a good hair day after her 11-year-old son Marshal cut her hair during the Stay Home, Work Safe order.

    From: A Good Hair Day: Fourth Graders to the Rescue
  • Katy Antill, Maggie Garza, Ann Harris

    Katy Antill, Maggie Garza and Ann Harris

    From: A labor of love
  • Ribbon cutting

    (From left) Monsignor Bill from St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, SVdP Principal Carolyn Sears, sixth grader George Antill, parent and creator of design Katy Antill, SVdP Art Teacher Ann Harris, SVdP Mom and primary fundraiser Maggie Garza,  first grader Marshal Garza, fourth grader Charles Garza and sixth grader Dax Garza.

    From: Meaningful Mosaic Masterpiece at SVdP