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Marcella Stones

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Photos appearing in

  • Power of Music club

    FOUND AN AUDIENCE Vivian Wu, a junior at The Awty International School, created a club for student musicians to play at senior homes and hospitals. Pictured at Texas Children’s Hospital are (standing, from left) Marcella Stones, Renee Neufer, Karen Martinez, Vivian, Meera Vashisht, Didi Zhou, Rick Huang, Jean-Luc Shimizu, (sitting, from left) Nicole Dunkel and Sarah Laskin.

    From: The power of music
  • members of the Student Ambassador club

    Pictured: members of the Student Ambassador club. Front row, from left: Chloe Kim, Karen Martinez, Torera Ilori, Olivia Onyejekwe, Melissa Seecharan, Noémie Dott; second row, from left: Tess Harmon, Lili Alamshenas, Samantha Francis, Joelle DiPaolo, Cynthia Deem, Alex Daube, Ivy He, Sarah Mekha, Daniella Jimenez, Yasmeen Mawlawi, Florencia Codesal, Doreen Cai; back row: Sanam Sharafkhaneh, Kiran Esani, Karen Hernandez, Marcella Stones, Mary Mikos, Vivian Wu, Meera Vashisht, Yassmine Abba Kaka, Giselle Henry, Nathalie Jeanneret, Doris Xu, Ziana Ukani, Kenady Scott, Vaughn Corson, Angelina Lee, Jade Van Wyk, Jade Andrieux, Kevin Stefftgen, Andrew Farrant, Maurits Deman, Cody Peng, Erkan Bozkurt, Nathan Kralik, Cerine Hamida, Robin Dumas, Joseph Abounohra, Georgios Mikos, Alejandro Ayala

    From: Awty's Student Ambassador Program
  • Karen Perez, Renee Neufer, Marcella Stones

    (From left) Karen Perez (11th grade), Renee Neufer (11th grade) and Marcella Stones (10th grade) performing a melody at Texas Children’s Hospital.

    From: The Power of Music