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Mia Pliskin

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  • Mia Pliskin, Irene Pletcher

    IN TUNE During the quarantine, Mia Pliskin, 9, and across-the-street neighbor Irene Pletcher, 12, entertained themselves and their neighbors by playing their violins together outside. Irene is new to the neighborhood, and the two girls had never met until Irene heard Mia playing and joined her. (Photo:

    From: Friends Through Music
  • Mia Pliskin, Alex Pliskin

    Mia Pliskin and her dad Alex, both violinists, enjoy practicing on their front porch while the family is spending so much time at home. (Photo:

    From: Friends Through Music
  • Irene Pletcher, Mia Pliskin

    Mia and Irene's music has created a friendship while bringing joy to their neighbors. (Photo:

    From: Friends Through Music
  • Mia Pliskin

    Mia has focused on music to keep herself busy and entertained during the pandemic. 

    From: Friends Through Music
  • Duck Billed Platypuses

    Duck Billed Platypuses

    From: Softball over Zoom