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Michael Grams

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  • High school graduates

    (From left) This group of boys became friends at West University Elementary School and will soon graduate from high school and head to college. (From left) John Alford, Chapman University; Kobi Owen, Tulane University; Jackson Cook, Sewanee: University of the South; Joe Gobillot, Vanderbilt (starting fall 2017); Paul Labanowski, University of Michigan; Michael Grams, University of Oklahoma; Peyton Ross, Louisiana State University; Patrick Leyendecker, Texas A&M; Reed Petersen, University of Texas; Sam Bastian, University of Michigan; Andrew Rowden, University of Texas; Douglas Moore, University of Texas; Thomas Watson, Texas A&M; Jimmy Winston, Baylor University. (Not pictured: Avery Tiras, Vanderbilt and Ryan Branberry, University of Texas). 

    From: Mother-Son Reunion on Mother’s Day
  • Jack Grams, Randy Bullard, Michael Grams

    Marlins player Jack Grams and Scrappers player Michael Grams think Randy Bullard is the best umpire around. (Photo:

    From: Hometown Hero

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