2022 Pet of the Year Contest

Priya Bhosale

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Photos appearing in

  • Anirban Maitra, Juuhi Ahuja, Aparna Kamat, Runsi Sen, Priya Bhosale, Linda Ibrahim, Betty White, Robert Bast

    Dr. Anirban Maitra, Juuhi Ahuja, Dr. Aparna Kamat, Runsi Sen, Dr. Priya Bhosale, Linda Ibrahim, Betty White and Dr. Robert Bast. (Photo: Hung Truong)

    From: Overcame
  • Bhosale family in Europe

    Roosh Bhosale was traveling with his family in Europe when he found out he was selected for the Forty Acres Scholarship. Here, Roosh (right) is pictured with (from left) his dad Ranjit Bhosale, mom Priya Bhosale and sister Hrishika Bhosale in Kutná Hora, a town in the Czech Republic. 

    From: Five Houstonians Win Prestigious UT Scholarship
  • Ovarcome gala

    Ovarcome gala

    From: This is her fight song
  • Ovarcome board members

    Ovarcome board members, including (pictured, from left) Andrew Taktajian, Rob Heifner, Juuhi Ahuja, Dr. Priya Bhosale, Runsi Sen (founder), Dr. Aparna Kamat, Betty White (survivor), Mike Beck and Jeff Borchers

    From: Kicking cancer down