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Roshni Kumar

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  • Condit class reunion

    Condit class reunion

    From: Condit class reunion
  • Ramanathan family

    Tarini Kumar, Roshni Kumar and Chandni Kumar enjoy gardening with parents Prem Ramamirtham and Supriya Ramanathan. Dog Kappi (which means coffee in Tamil) loves the together time too.

    From: Gardening Together, Apart
  • Tarini and family

    Friends and family attended Tarini’s Arengetram in August. Pictured here is Tarini (middle) with (from left) sister Roshni Kumar, father Prem Ramamirtham, mother Supriya Ramanathan and sister Chandni Kumar. (Kalith Talison of Reflection Media)

    From: A Performance to Remember
  • Pin Oak Middle Schoolers

    Pin Oak Middle Schoolers

    From: Globe trotters
  • Pin Oak Middle School choir and orchestra students

    Pin Oak Middle School choir and orchestra students

    From: Big Apple visit