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Shayley Kane

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  • Shayley Kane, Richard Jackson, Jackson Kane

    REFLECTING Richard Jackson (center) takes a moment inside the library they have just helped to inaugurate, with grandchildren Shayley (left) and Jackson (right), whom he hopes will be inspired to use their talents to likewise make a difference in the world.

    From: Making a difference in Tanzania
  • Gerald Merfish, Eddie Kane, Jackson Kane, Shayley Kane, Tracey Kane, Emily Jackson, Sandy Jackson, Richard Jackson

    TANZANIA IN THE HEART When it came time to inaugurate the new Promise Village Library and media center, Richard Jackson (far right) invited (pictured, from left) longtime friend and Mali Nieta supporter Gerald Merfish, son-in-law Eddie Kane, grandson Jackson Kane, granddaughter Shayley Kane, daughter Tracey Kane, daughter Emily Jackson, and wife Sandy.

    From: Making a difference in Tanzania