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Vikram Seth

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  • Seth family

    The Seth family (from left) Sandeep, Hasan, Holly and Vikram, enjoy family time in Bandera, TX during Christmas 2020. 

    From: Becoming Hasan: From Confusion to Clarity
  • Hasan Seth, Vikram Seth

    Hasan and his younger brother Vikram have always been close, exchanging career advice, dating tips and more. 

    From: Becoming Hasan: From Confusion to Clarity
  • The Seth family

    TRIP TO REMEMBER The Seth family coordinated a trip to India during the holidays in 2012 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sandeep Seth’s parents, Prithvi and Kanta Seth. (From left, seated) Prithvi Seth, Kanta Seth, Sarah Seth, Evangeline Seth; (From left, standing) J. Kapur Seth, Vineet Seth, Manish Khanna, Anthony Lal, Ashish Khanna, Hasanthi Seth, Vikram Seth, Shaun Lal, Anita Lal, Sandeep Seth, MK Kapur, Neelam Juneja and Holly Seth. 

    From: Holiday travel with the family
  • Sena Sarikaya, Samhith Punukula, Erin Rice, Vikram Seth

    Sena Sarikaya, Samhith Punukula, Erin Rice and Vikram Seth

    From: Young leaders