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Wylie Ward

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  • Wards

    Vimal and his American host siblings, Wylie, Ava and Lily Ward, traveled to Elk Creek Ranch in Colorado, where everybody roasted ice cream cones filled with marshmallows and chocolate over the fire.

    From: Host Families
  • Ward family

    Wesley Ward's Spanish version of the Gilligan's Island theme song is popular on the ranch. Here he is with his wife Molly and kids Ava (sitting on porch), Wylie and Lily (standing). (Photo: Jennifer Hancock,

    From: Going Country
  • ranch Suburban

    Hanging out on the family's well-loved ranch Suburban are (from left) Ryan Selvaggi, Wylie Ward, Ava Ward, Nick Verducci, Jack Verducci, Lily Ward (below Jack), Catherine Hamner, Robert Hamner(seated), Graham Grubbs, Henry Hamner (seated) and Abigail Bard. (Photo: Jennifer Hancock,

    From: Going Country

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