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Margaret Frazier’s Legacy

Jennifer Oakley
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Margaret Frazier taking a joy ride

When Margaret Frazier’s health took a sudden, dramatic turn for the worse this month, her family wasn’t sure she’d make it through the night. When she woke the next morning, she had one last request: She asked her son, Joe, for a joy ride “in his little red car” through the neighborhood. 

Sometimes in life you meet people that are so special, you feel special just being around them. Twenty years ago I moved into a little gray house in the middle of a block on Swift Boulevard in Southgate. And I met a really special family. My red front door faced a two-story brick house across the street. There, Claire and Joe Frazier lived with their three children, Stephen, Robert and Annie. We became friends, our children played together, laughed and ate together. It was the loveliest block of neighbors, firmly held in place by the warm-hearted and kind-spirited Fraziers.

I moved across Kirby into West U in 2002 and missed seeing the block, the neighbors, the Fraziers on a daily basis. Then, last spring I wrote a story for The Buzz about cancer survivors. When thinking about who to interview, I immediately thought of Claire, a breast cancer survivor. Claire let me tell her story (“Soul Survivor,” May 2016) and Buzz readers immediately gravitated toward her tale of faith, prayer, love and bravery in the face of cancer. 

Now, I want to share another story about the extended Frazier family. 

In the November issue of The Buzz, I write about music and love and weddings, of brothers, of brides and grooms — and a mother. With a family so filled with joy and loyalty, good character and kindness, it is no wonder it all starts at the top. In this case, it all started with Margaret Frazier, whose sons sing together in a band — a band of brothers.

Being with the Frazier band while they practiced was a blast — they sing and they laugh, they fully appreciate the good times. Their tightknit bond is remarkable.

Margaret Frazier with the Band of Brothers
MOM'S A FAN Margaret Frazier made sure her sons learned and loved music. From left: Joe (seated), Paul, David, Bob, Mike and Greg Frazier (seated). (Photo:

Everyone at The Buzz was so touched by Margaret Frazier and the story of this special family. Here Margaret is pictured, surrounded by “The Band of Brothers” – her sons and grandsons – beautiful and full of life. From left: Joe (seated), Paul, David, Bob, Mike and Greg Frazier (seated). (Photo:

On Sept. 26, Buzz editor Joni Hoffman, publisher Michael Hoffman and photographer Michael Hart spent several hours with the Frazier Band of Brothers, including their mom, Margaret, for the photos to accompany this article. Margaret, at 95, was beautifully coiffed and completely adored. She was a little fragile, but happy and completely in her element, surrounded by her loving family.

Margaret passed away on Oct. 18, just days before this article was to arrive in the mailboxes of Buzz readers. 

Everyone at the Buzz was so touched by Margaret’s beauty and grace. I hope that you too will be touched by her story and join us all in sending our condolences to the extended Frazier family. They really are a special family.

Read Margaret’s obituary to learn more about her. Read “The Wedding Singers” for the story of the Frazier family “Band of Brothers.” 

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