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Barbara Bronstein

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  • Barbara Bronstein, Bob Geary, Cecile Schutter, Geoff Lanceley, John Thornton

    Barbara Bronstein, Bob Geary, Cecile Schutter, Geoff Lanceley, and John Thornton (Photo: Photo courtesy of Second Servings)

    From: Rotary for Second Servings
  • Barbara Bronstein, Debbie Pedrick,

    Barbara Bronstein of Second Servings helps Theta Debbie Pedrick load a crockpot into the van. (Photo: Pooja Salhotra)

    From: Thetas Support Give A Crock Campaign
  • Ylonda Deyo, Viestra Jackson, Amber Phifer, Barbara Bronstein

    WASTE NOT Barbara Bronstein (far right), founder of Second Servings, delivers uneaten food from a gala to the Salvation Army Sally's House shelter. Resident Ylonda Deyo and Sally's House staff members Viestra Jackson and Amber Phifer (from left) happily accept the delivery. (Photo:

    From: Second Servings
  • Martin Bronstein, Barbara Bronstein

    Martin and Barbara Bronstein

    From: Kinky will play