2022 Buzz Photo Contest: Readers' Choice Award

Davis Beasley

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  • Davis Beasley

    Davis Beasley poses for a picture as the water taxi passes Malibu Club and approaches Beyond Malibu Base Camp.

    From: Beyond Malibu: Stratford Student Trip
  • Group shot

    The group together before spending the night at Peanut Rock. That night was the groups “Overnight Solo,” where they each went their separate ways and slept on their own under the stars. (Top row, from left): Andrew Kelly, Tanner Jones, Davis Beasley, Charlie Howell, Will Odom, Ben Sullivan, C.J. Kight, Chris Hachtman, Cole Papageorge. (Bottom row, from left) Bryce Hooper, Fischer Robinson, Scott Kennedy. (Photo: Davis Beasley)

    From: Beyond Malibu: Stratford Student Trip
  • Selfie on the summit

    Fischer Robinson, Scott Kennedy, Bryce Hooper and C.J. Kight jump in a selfie with Davis Beasley on the summit. “I liked how on the summit we were kind of off on our own, you couldn’t see anything," Charlie Howell said. "It was kind of an island in the clouds, and it was cool to be with all of our friends and be up there and feel like there was no one else in the world." (Photo: Davis Beasley)

    From: Beyond Malibu: Stratford Student Trip