2023 Pet of the Year Contest

Jack McKinnie

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  • McKinnie family

    Caren, Mac, Jack and Will McKinnie went all out decorating their house on Valerie and suited up in Hazmat gear to pass out candy. Kids went nuts when the chute gave full-sized candy bars. Joining in on the fun were their non-radioactive dogs Holly and Brie.

    From: A Taste of Halloween 2020: All Treats, no Tricks
  • Students on the field with Adam

    The 2019 Presbyterian football team had fun getting to watch a Rice University Football practice and meeting 2008 Presbyterian alumni, Adam Nunez, who is currently a punter for Rice. Pictured are (front row, from left) Luke Jamieson, Andrew Choi, Tyler Bloomgren, Zach Berlin, Roby Ripley, Jackson Ranucci, Adam Nunez, Leighton Worley, Oliver Crantz, Tate Organ, Bryce Butler, Nick Horton; (back row, from left) Bennett Hendricks, Currie Clark, Jack McKinnie, Levi Norvell, Luke Edgecomb, Nick Carlin, Charlie Allen, Coach Darnell Cleary, Will Young

    From: Punting it from Presbyterian Panther to Rice Owl
  • Panthers in screening room

    The Panthers enjoyed going behind the scenes at Rice Stadium to sit in the plush seats of the meeting room where all the top secret plays are discussed. Pictured are (front row, from left) Will Young, Jackson Ranucci, Levi Norvell, Bryce Butler, Nick Carlin, Luke Edgecomb, Luke Jamieson, Oliver Crantz, Charlie Allen, Nick Horton; (back row, from left) Jack McKinnie, Roby Ripley, Zach Berlin, Tyler Bloomgren, Bennett Hendricks, Tate Organ, Leighton Worley, Currie Clark, Andrew Choi, Gavin Parks

    From: Punting it from Presbyterian Panther to Rice Owl