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Jacob Spangler

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Photos appearing in

  • Briarwood juniors

    Briarwood juniors (from left): Ashleigh Ordenaux, Kate Munson, Lauren Amos, Garrett Ratliff, Jack Roche, Grant Baird, Natalie Semine, Jacob Spangler, Kelli Reichert, Caleb McGinty, Lila Gutman, Jake Upshaw, Donny Rica, Eli Witt

    From: Heading Toward the Future
  • Spangler family

    (From left) Kathleen Spangler, Mark Spangler and Jacob Spangler at Briarwood's Heart and Ring Ceremony.

    From: They are the Future: The Heart and Ring Ceremony at The Briarwood School
  • Briarwood Students

    Briarwood students with Mr. Vincent Johnson (pictured, from left): Mary Sarver, Noah Melman, Kelli Reichert, Lauren Amos, Ashleigh Ordeneaux, Garrett Ratcliff, Natalie Sameine, Jack Roche, Vincent Johnson, Grant Baird, Jacob Spangler, Jake Upshaw, Lila Gutman, Donny Ricca, Eli Witt, Kate Munson and Caleb McGinty.

    From: Slam Poets at The Briarwood School
  • Slam poets

    (Back row, from left) Lauren Amos, Grant Baird, Caleb McGinty, Garrett Ratcliff; (middle row, from left) Noah Melman, Natalie Sameine, Kelli Reichert, Kate Munson, Lila Gutman, Jacob Spangler; (in front): Mr. Vincent Johnson.


    From: Slam Poets at The Briarwood School