2022 Buzz Photo Contest Winners

Kathy Dannemiller

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  • Mary Reed’s annual PJ birthday party

    ALL SMILES Lots of laughs were shared at Mary Reed’s annual PJ birthday/Christmas party. Pictured are (back row, from left) Perry McCall, Susan Davidson, Carla Bradford, Marissa Zdenek, Melissa Sanders; (middle row, from left) Gayle Price, Suzi Kieval, Vicki Friedman, Kathy Danna, Victoria Rushing, Ginny Glass, Ginny French; (front row, from left) Mary Reed, Colleen Michalec, Joanne Lammons, Jo Leever, Kathy Dannemiller and Judy Gordon.

    From: Lots of laughs
  • Kathy Dannemiller, Mary Reed and Vicki Friedman

    Besties Kathy Dannemiller and Vicki Friedman help Mary Reed (center) blow out candles at her birthday and Christmas party.

    From: Dual-purpose party
  • Vicki Friedman, Mary Reed, Kathy Dannemiller

    Vicki Friedman, Mary Reed and Kathy Dannemiller (from left) have mischievous smiles at Mary's Naughty or Nice party.

    From: Party on

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