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Michelle Nguyen

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  • Halloween

    Current VTV members in costume on Halloween just after a show. (Back row, from left) Isabel Bartram, Mr. Jeff Wheeler, Emily Kernell, Michelle Nguyen (behind the witch hat) and Arian Lau (wearing the witch hat). (Middle, from left) Natalie Ledesma, Olivia Duble and Kayla Casuga (holding the lightsaber). (Front, from left) Kyla Wilwayco and Anna Katherine Meyer.

    From: Lights, Camera: Veritas Television at St. Agnes
  • Bellaire Belles

    Bellaire Belles. (Bottom row, from left): Sarah Cohen, Olivia Rangel, Amber Corder, Hannah Henry, Elise Betts, Brianna Kelley, Tamia Chandler, Mattison Sims, Mikayla Marcum; (second row, from left) Avery Von Eiff, Kennedy Herndon, Lauren Sonik, Jamaal Lockings, Claire Coon, Tarini Kumar, Barrie Skalsky, Erin Parkin; (third row, from left): Jada Swanier, Megan Hafer, Molly Anapolsky, Lauren Fike, Krista Barentine, Maddy Walshak, Destinee Gonzalez, Stormy Brooks; (fourth row, from left): Jessica Skalsky, Kelsie Evans, Shandalyn Lewis, Lily Gastineau, Michelle Nguyen, Morgan Hunter, Chadai Jameson, Aislinn Minier; (fifth row, from left): Allie Lefkowitz, Isabel Siahatgar, Keyara Howell, Fayth Kemp, Wendy Jin, Elizabeth Szafranski, Kate Jones, Jordyn Ellis; (sixth row, from left): Manon Giot, Anna Sotirades, Emily Kent, Eden Lagnado, Noelle Henry, Wendy Ayala; (seventh row, from left): Shelby Jackson, Vivica Cooper, Kayla Scott, Myrissa Sanchez.

    From: Bellaire Belles Won Super Sweepstakes