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Seema Mir

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  • Seema Mir

    TRADITIONS Seema Mir celebrates a traditional American Thanksgiving with influences from her family’s Pakistani and Afghan roots. Pictured, clockwise: Butternut squash kadu; mashed potatoes; brownies; Afghan tea biscuits, or Roat; rice; dressing; macaroni and cheese; spinach and beef sabzi; and Persian noodle soup, or Aush. (Photo: lawellphoto.com)

    From: A Multi-Cultural Thanksgiving
  • Seema Mir, Mohsin Mir, Dean Mir, Zane Mir

    The Mirs and their boys around the Thanksgiving table. (Photo: lawellphoto.com)

    From: A Multi-Cultural Thanksgiving
  • Seema Mir

    Seema and her mother Amena at a 2010 Thanksgiving celebration in Northern California, where Seema’s parents and sisters live.

    From: A Multi-Cultural Thanksgiving
  • Seema Mir, Mohsin Mir, Samina Mir, Dean Mir, Zane Mir

    Seema, Mohsin, his mother Samina, their boys Dean and Zane (front), and niece Aleeza (with her grandmother’s arm around her), nephew Mikayil, and niece Rania (seated)

    From: A Multi-Cultural Thanksgiving
  • Amelie Carlton, Seema Mir

    Amelie Carlton and Seema Mir

    From: Sparking creativity
  • Seema Mir, Joni Hoffman,

    Seema Mir (on left) first planted the idea for Joni to attend ACL when they met four years ago. She’s been going to the festival for years with a friend but wasn’t able to use her tickets that year so sold hers on a Facebook trading site. Joni bought the tickets for her son’s birthday gift. “You should go, too!” Seema suggested…. Joni took her advice this year. They’ve been in touch ever since that ticket sale. 

    From: ACL 2019: Lessons from a 55+ Year Old Rookie Festival-goer