2022 Pet of the Year Contest

Renu Roy

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  • Group photo

    As a first-time ACL attendee, Buzz editorial assistant asked advice from veteran festival-goers like some in this group who have attended together for the past six years. Pictured here are (front row, from left): Anuj Kothari, Namrata Khotari, Hina Pandya, Rajiv Pandya, Renu Roy, Pinto Roy and (back row, from left): Ayush Khotari, Pulin Khotari, Nirja Aiyer, Jay Aiyer, Janvi Pandya and Shivani Pandya. (Photo: Pooja Salhotra)

    From: ACL 2019: Mosh Pits, Music and Mayhem
  • Basecamp

    Janvi Pandya, Hina Pandya, Namrata Khotari, Renu Roy and Nirja Aiyer hold down their "basecamp" at ACL while others in the group venture closer to the stage. (Photo courtesy of Hina Pandya)

    From: ACL 2019: Mosh Pits, Music and Mayhem
  • Nirja Aiyer, Renu Roy

    Samosa sisters (and real-life sisters) Nirja Aiyer and Renu Roy play “Vanna White” with the tray of samosas they assured us they could have made from scratch but didn't so they wouldn't be too tired for the party!

    From: Mimosas and Samosas
  • Mimosas and samosas

    Enjoying a morning of samosa-ing and mimosa-ing are (front row, from left) Nirja Aiyer, Mary Lou Dale, Anila Shethia, Swati Narayan, Girija Shan, Archna Vajpayee, Renu Roy, Dana Cran, Arpna Dave, Usha Dhingra, Manpreet Singh and Deepi Sidhu; (back row, from left) Anu Menen, Lavannya Pandit, Rosina Connelly, Susana Sosa, Suzanne Chauvin, Tracy Calabrese, Susan d'Herbes and Kanchan Siahatgar.

    From: Mimosas and Samosas