2023 Pet of the Year Contest

Wyatt Childers

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  • The Junior Aggies

    The Junior Aggies

    From: Just like coach
  • Southwest Football League Longhorns

    Southwest Football League Longhorns

    From: Rise to victory
  • Mrs. Ryan's fourth grade class

    St. John’s School fourth-grade students in Mrs. Ryan’s class holding up the January issue of The Tanglewood/River Oaks Buzz. Students pictured are (back row, from left) Stockard Bragan, Alexandra Rodriguez, William Sasser, Sam Griggs, Wyatt Childers, William Oakley, Adair Patterson, Kit Haggard; (middle row, from left) Hayden Kramer, Cal Bechtol, Eliza Perrin, Lawson Duncan, Chester Posey; (front row, from left) Claire Nichamoff, Nadia Ali, Tess Artzer

    From: St. John’s Students Hear from Buzz Writer
  • Kathryn Childers, Staton McCrae Childers, Wyatt Childers

    Kathryn Childers, with sons Wyatt and Staton McCrae (from left), monitors her boys' interactions on the Internet so that they are safe and aware of possible issues. (Photo: hartphoto.com)

    From: Playing It Safe