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Jempy Neyman

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  • Crime Stoppers, Krav Haganah, The Buzz team members

    The Buzz Magazines partnered with Crime Stoppers of Houston, Krav Haganah and Evelyn’s Park Conservancy to host a community self-defense class on Tuesday, July 30. Pictured here are: (back row, from left) Jempy Neyman, John Peek, Jenna McGraw, Sydney Zuiker, Officer John Edwards, Michael Hoffman; (front row, from left) Rania Mankarious, Joni Hoffman, Jordan Magaziner, Patricia Ritter, Michelle Sacks and Tania Cruz. (Photo: Pooja Salhotra) 

    From: Neighbors Learn Self-Defense and Safety Tips
  • Jempy Neyman, John Peek, John Edwards

    Krav Haganah instructors (from left) Jempy Neyman and John Peek co-taught a self-defense class, which was followed by a Q&A with Bellaire Police Department’s Officer John Edwards (on right). (Photo: Jordan Magaziner)  

    From: Neighbors Learn Self-Defense and Safety Tips