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Jordan Leder

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Photos appearing in

  • Student Leadership Team

    The Student Leadership Team poses as they are waiting in line for lunch after many brainstorming sessions. (Pictured, from left) are Sararose Fox, Stephanie Gold, Jordan Leder, Francesca Romero, Julia Minkowitz, Gracie Halperin, Danielle Haas, and Gaby Danziger. 

    From: Emery/Weiner Student Leadership Team
  • Aishel House

    Emery juniors (from left) Gaby Danziger, Jordan Leder, Abby Navon and Julia Leibman team up at Aishel House to cook for residents there.

    From: Tikkun Olam Day at Emery
  • Winter retreat

    (From left) Arielle Harris, Stephanie Gold, Eliana Blumfield, Julia Leibman, Jordan Leder, Chloe Starr and Alex Meyers took a break in the woods after completing a team-building activity where they all had to work together to level a seesaw. 

    From: Emery Juniors Explore Rocksprings