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Chloe Starr

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Photos appearing in

  • Chloe Starr, Sophia Kuperman

    Junior Chloe Starr (left) and senior Sophia Kuperman (right) marched together on the streets in Washington. (Photo: Brooke Markowitz)

    From: Emery High School Students Embark on the March For Our Lives
  • Winter retreat

    (From left) Arielle Harris, Stephanie Gold, Eliana Blumfield, Julia Leibman, Jordan Leder, Chloe Starr and Alex Meyers took a break in the woods after completing a team-building activity where they all had to work together to level a seesaw. 

    From: Emery Juniors Explore Rocksprings
  • Hallelujah performance

    Emery/Weiner Upper School students Noah Pacht, Chloe Starr, Brooke Markowitz and Roderick Harris brought the crowd to their feet during a stellar performance to “Hallelujah.” 

    From: Emery/Weiner’s 10th Annual Evening of the Arts