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Ellie Delgado

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  • Seniors

    These former Roberts Elementary classmates, all 2019 graduating seniors, reunited at Roberts to celebrate graduation. Pictured are (top row, from left) Ellie Delgado, Ryan Quenemoen, Jeff de Groot, Nolan Bernes, Jao Mitchell, Sean Lau, Troy Hayes, Carter Hou; (middle row) Daniel Chen, Camilla Manning, Jessica Bonnen, Austin Beebe, Jack Avedesian, Emerson Knapp, Sarah Lai, Terrell Benne, Tate Toole; (bottom row) Evan le Blanc, Natasha Haq, Heidi Li, Andie van Ravenswaay, Kaitlyn Altamirano, Alex Couvillon, Chloe Starr, Juliana Aviles, Celine Waxham, Annabelle Wang and Alex Chen. (Photo: Edward Aviles)

    From: Roberts reunion
  • Ellie Delgado, Emma Rooney, Lanie Delgado

    Ellie Delgado, Emma Rooney, Lanie Delgado

    From: House full of Lamar cheer
  • Milford St. neighbors

    Milford St. neighbors and friends Michelle Mut, Isabella Marchione, Blake Drifmeyer, Ellie Delgado, Julia Kirk, Hannah Boucher, Nicole Mut (kneeling) ChauLien Phan, and Mary Polydoros. 

    From: Halloween 2016 Recap
  • Marrisa Ridge, Ellie Delgado, Tara Gooding, Maisha Walker, Destiny Morton

    (From left) Freshman Marrisa Ridge, freshman Ellie Delgado, leader Tara Gooding, freshman Maisha Walker and leader Destiny Morton. 

    From: Young Life at Lamar High School: Mondays at 7:37
  • School Buzz

    Some School Buzz correspondents gather to brainstorm for the new year. Bottom row, from left: Katy Boyd, Alexander-Smith Academy; Matthew Gregg, The Briarwood School. First bleacher, from left: Taylor Brittain, Stratford High School; Skarleth Velasquez, Bellaire High School; Liana Wang, Bellaire High School; Natalie Lee, Memorial High School. Second bleacher, from left: Sena Sarikaya, Bellaire High School; Addie Symonds, Westbury Christian School; Madison Belcher, Westbury Christian School. Third bleacher, from left: Deborah Brown, Robert M. Beren Academy; Grace Armstrong, The Post Oak High School; Alexandra Parris, Incarnate Word Academy; Rachel Amran, Memorial High School; Seokhyun Baek, The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Fourth bleacher: Dylan Jackson, Lamar High School. Top bleacher, from left: Sidney Phillips, St. Agnes Academy; James Cravens, Alexander-Smith Academy; Anna Costantini, St. Agnes Academy; Ellie Delgado, Lamar High School; Jordan Oakum, The Briarwood School.

    From: School Buzz
  • Ellie Delgado

    Ellie Delgado, a freshman, will be photo editor at Lamar High School. (Photo:

    From: School Buzz