2024 Photo Contest Winners

Brooke Markowitz

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  • Brooke Markowitz, Abbie Markowitz,

    Brooke Markowitz (left) and sister Abbie Markowitz (right) said they were happy their father Gary Markowitz (former Board Chair of HMH) got to be a part of the expansion project.

    From: Holocaust Museum Houston to Reopen in Expanded Campus
  •  Sophia Kuperman, Lily Siegel, Nicole Goldin, Brooke Markowitz, Ilana Vines, Megan Samuels

    (From top left to bottom right) Sophia Kuperman, Lily Siegel, Nicole Goldin, Brooke Markowitz, Ilana Vines and Megan Samuels together in our nation’s capital. Not pictured: Debra Lederman, Alegra Germain, Hailey Newman, Sterling Rosenthal, Chloe Starr, Gabriella Danziger, Jennifer Blum, Arthur Levy, Julia Leibman, Zachary Engelhart, Ryan Bronston, Rachel Melman, Mia Cotta, Asher Siegel, Maya Zehavi, David Ilouz, Philip Rosenfeld. Madeline Canfield, Anna Paradise, Anna Rajagopal, Kayla Frank, Zoe Brown and Hope Desenberg. (Photo: Chloe Starr)

    From: Emery High School Students Embark on the March For Our Lives
  • Hallelujah performance

    Emery/Weiner Upper School students Noah Pacht, Chloe Starr, Brooke Markowitz and Roderick Harris brought the crowd to their feet during a stellar performance to “Hallelujah.” 

    From: Emery/Weiner’s 10th Annual Evening of the Arts
  • Sunni Markowitz, Gary Markowitz, Abbie Markowitz, Brooke Markowitz, Casey Markowitz