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Mark Mucasey

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  • Mark Mucasey

    Mark Mucasey of Mucasey & Associates served as the building architect for the Museum’s expansion and for the original HMH. (Photo: Pooja Salhotra) 

    From: Holocaust Museum Houston to Reopen in Expanded Campus
  • Steven Becker, Chloe Becker, Ariel Becker, Mark Mucasey

    (From left) Steven Becker, Chloe Becker, Ariel Becker and Mark Mucasey enjoying the Bellaire Chanukah Festival. (Photo: Joe Center) 

    From: 2017 Bellaire Chanukah Festival
  • The Kvetchers cycling group

    The Kvetchers cycling group, including (from left) Darrell Rosenthal, Mark Mucasey and Jeff Horowitz, use a shofar, a religious musical instrument made from a ram’s horn, to start their morning rides and celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, during September. (Photo:

    From: Let’s Ride
  • Darrell Rosenthal, Jeff Horowitz, ​Mark Mucasey

    Darrell Rosenthal (left), riding with Jeff Horowitz (middle) and ​Mark Mucasey, says, "In a group, you are more visible, and cars treat you with respect." (Photo:

    From: Let’s Ride
  • Darrell Rosenthal, Igor Cherches, Mark Mucasey

    Darrell Rosenthal, wealth advisor, Igor Cherches, neurologist, and Mark Mucasey, architect, (from left) are all avid cyclists. (Photo:

    From: Let’s Ride