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Tali Blumrosen

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  • Tali Blumrosen and Barry Zietz

    Long-time friends Tali Blumrosen and Barry Zietz are all smiles at the Bellaire Recreation Center before a game.

    From: A Big Dill
  • Tali Blumrosen and Zahava Haenosh

    Tali Blumrosen and Zahava Haenosh (Photo: Priscilla Dickson)

    From: Honoring moral courage
  • Eric Blumrosen, Tali Blumrosen

    Eric and Tali Blumrosen (Photo: Daniel Ortiz)

    From: Sold-out success
  • Tali Blumrosen, Sallie Alcorn

    Longtime friends Tali Blumrosen (at left) and Sallie Alcorn hold a dress from Alcorn’s newly organized rack of evening dresses. Alcorn arranges colors from dark to light. In contrast, Blumrosen says, “I keep my clothes in the same general area, but organizing by color is a bit much for me!” (Photo:

    From: Tidying Up
  • Dana Lepow, Susan Hoffman and Tali Blumrosen.

    (From left) Friends Dana Lepow, Susan Hoffman and Tali Blumrosen. Sons Garrett Lepow, David Hoffman and Will Blumrosen have all been best buds for many years and their moms remain close today. 

    From: Susan Hoffman’s 60th Birthday Celebration: Toasting to Many More